Embracing Tradition and Innovation: Highland Heritage’s New Venture into Milled Timber and Woodland Cabins

A Time-Honored Craft Leads the Way to New Ideas

Here at Highland Heritage Wood Works, the patterns in our wood tell a special story—a story of tradition, precision, and now, a bold step towards innovation. From our cherished custom joinery that has long been foundational to our work, we’re expanding to include milled timber and enchanting woodland cabins.

The Heart of Our Business

Our journey started with crafting unique, bespoke woodwork. This aspect of our operations, which we often refer to as the ‘engine room’ of our company, is found in our dusty workshops. This is where the essence of Highland Heritage truly comes to life.

As our reputation for quality has grown, so too has our vision. Creating bespoke pieces has taught us valuable lessons about the sustainability of both our craft and business model. It’s profitable, yes, but it’s also energy-intensive and requires a massive coordination effort, often constrained by the limited capacity of our passionate, yet small team.

Growing and Changing: From Custom Pieces to a Broader Range of Products

We recognized that focusing solely on bespoke work could limit our growth potential. We envisioned a future that includes not only the custom pieces we’re known for but also a range of products that allow us to better control our production processes and efficiency. Thus, we began creating milled timber and woodland cabins, aiming to maintain the artistry of our craft on a scalable and efficient path forward.

Our expansion to a new sawmill was more than a business decision; it was a commitment to our community and customers. The cabins, each crafted from the finest locally sourced Scottish timber, are not just a testament to our craftsmanship but also to our dedication to creating meaningful work and products that endure.

Growing Responsibly: A Calculated Expansion

As we currently stand, a team of five looking to grow to 15 or 20, this isn’t growth for the sake of expansion. We aim to carefully develop a business that excels in a few areas we’re deeply passionate about. We’re committed to growing without losing sight of our ethos—to harness the exceptional timber resources of Scotland, especially from the colder climates of the northeast, where the slow growth yields denser, stronger timber.

Nearly 80 to 81 percent of the UK’s timber is imported, but at Highland Heritage, we envision a different future—one where a significant portion of timber is homegrown, not only championing our work but also the environmental narrative of our era.

A Commitment to Sustainability and Community

Our talks with the government and local estates have reinforced our belief in the value of sustainability. We’re cultivating a business that deeply cares for its employees, offering them quality job opportunities that enhance their lives and, in turn, the economy. By sourcing local timber, we’re minimizing our carbon footprint, leveraging the abundant resources at our doorstep, and upholding our commitment to sustainability.

We’re collaborating with companies like Agile Property to create straw-filled, sustainable homes for low-cost social housing. With grant support from Scottish Enterprise for our sawmill and our journey towards net-zero targets, we’re not just working with wood—we’re crafting a future.

The Journey Ahead

As we embrace this new direction, we’re excited about the opportunities and challenges it presents. Our commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and environmental stewardship remains unwavering. We stand at the threshold of change, ready to blend the wisdom of the past with the possibilities of tomorrow. Join us on this journey, from the forest to your front door, and beyond.




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