Post and Beam Structures


Here at Highland Heritage Woodworks, we’re all about bringing the natural beauty and strength of Scottish hardwoods like ash, beech, and oak into your home. These woods aren’t just strong; they’re stunning to look at, making them perfect for building post and beam structures—those are the kinds of frames that hold up your house!

Why do we choose ash, beech, and oak? Well, ash is brilliant for holding up heavy weights and it doesn’t crack easily, so it’s great for the main parts of a building. Oak is super tough and doesn’t rot quickly, which means it lasts a long time. Beech, on the other hand, has a lovely smooth finish that makes everything look neat and tidy.

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We’re pretty serious about looking after our beautiful Scottish environment, so we make sure all our wood comes from forests right here in Scotland that are looked after very well. This way, the forests stay healthy and full of life, and we can keep using them without harming our planet.

When we get our wood from these forests, we don’t just take any piece. We look at each bit of wood very carefully to make sure it’s just right. It has to be not only pretty but also strong enough to do its job in holding up parts of buildings. We check every piece to ensure it’s up to the task, and we only pick the best.

Using Scottish hardwoods means we help support local jobs and keep our traditions alive. Plus, every time you look at one of our buildings, you’ll see the beauty of the Scottish highlands. That’s something special, right?

So, when you think about a building that’s safe, looks amazing, and is good for the environment, think of us and our lovely Scottish hardwoods. We’re here to make sure you get the best, every time.